Football Recruiting Interview: FS150 Talks to 2015 OG Ben Swanton

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Ben Swanton is a 6’0″, 250 pound offensive guard from De Forest High School in De Forest, Wisconsin.He might only be a 2015 recruit, but the young recruit is gaining attention of several football programs. He sat down to give Fansided 150 a brief interview about the recruitment process and who is looking at him.

Have you received an offers at this point and time? If so, who? If not, who have you received interest from?

No offers yet, hopefully a few will present themselves this Summer or during my Junior year. I suspect when the new recruiting rules are in effect, I will start getting more communication via social media outlets and a few phone calls. I do have lots of camp invites, unofficial visits, and communications from several colleges that say they are looking forward to watching my high school career. Most of the interest I’m receiving is coming from Wisconsin colleges, Big 10, and Big 12 schools. I’m also receiving calls and emails from local D3 colleges since this is what is currently allowed by the NCAA rules being a sophomore. I have been doing a few unofficial visits so far and have met with Wisconsin, Michigan State, Michigan, Princeton, Kansas, and Minnesota football programs and will be planning to visit Iowa, Pittsburgh, Purdue, and Rutgers during my Spring break this April.

What are your biggest strengths as a football player?

My skills and strengths are greatly attributed to the hard work, commitment, and effort of the Deforest football coaches to help me get better over the years. I would describe my biggest strength as being a player with a high athletic IQ capable of showing focus and playing with a high intensity level. I am a powerful offensive player who is quick and capable of getting underneath opponents with good pad level to win one-on-one battles. I drive my opponents crazy because of my skills and aggressiveness. I definitely frustrate defensive lineman and punish linebackers making the defense remember me at the end of the game as the player they could not stop.

You’ve visited teams like Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Northwestern, Purdue, and Princeton. Tell us how they went and what you got to do. Also, who is standing out to you so far?

I enjoyed all the visits to the above schools. The campuses were impressive and I can see myself getting a great education at any of the schools. At each school, it was nice seeing where the athletes would be working out and asking questions about how it is to be a student athlete at each program, and learning the philosophy of each team (Ex: Athletes they are looking for, team goals, values, etc…). I was really impressed that a few coaches at each school remembered me or heard that I was visiting (being a 2015 recruit) and learning they were happy that I took the initiative to learn more about their football program.

Overall, the Big 10, Big 12, and Ivy League have great facilities for football players and strong educational support system to help athletes be successful. Currently, I’m just hoping to have an opportunity to play for any of the above schools. If given multiple offers I would have to look closer to see which program I would have a preference for playing. A few colleges have already mentioned inviting me to attend a future game and to attend upcoming practices, and I anticipate they will start ramping up their communications with me. I see all these as great opportunities for each program to get to know me and help me identify a college that will stand out. I’m looking forward to staying in touch with these football programs in the near future.

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